America's Wetland Birding Trail on the Louisiana Great Gulf Coast

Welcome to the America's Wetland Birding Trail along the Louisiana Great Gulf Coast. With landscapes ranging from coastal wetlands to rolling hills and prairies, Louisiana is a natural paradise. The trail's 115 sites will introduce you to a variety of Louisiana's coastal habitats including fresh and saltwater marshes, cheniers, upland pines, cypress-tupelo swamps, bottomland hardwood forests and open meadows, among many others.

Traveling along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road and six additional state scenic byways, the America's Wetland Birding Trail crosses through 22 Southern Louisiana parishes rich with unparalleled history, culture, arts and entertainment. The trail will guide you to some of the state's most productive natural places along the Great Gulf Coast and will offer ready access to some of the best birding in the country.

So, get out your walking shoes and your binoculars, and let the bird count begin.

Birding loops in the area

Other birding loops in South Louisiana

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